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The Geologists' Association held its Annual Conference in Hull on 10th and 11th September 2022. It was organised by Mick Oates, Sarah Stafford of the G A and Dave Bond of the University of Hull. The lectures and displays were in the Cohen Building of Hull University on the Saturday. The theme for the conference was Fantastic Fossils on your Doorstep.

The guest speakers were: Dr Bryony Caswell on the History of Palaeontology of the East Riding and surrounds, Dr Emily Swaby on the Rutland Water Ichthyosaur, Prof Danielle Schreve on Ice Age Mammals from S W Britain, Dr Tim  Ewin on Cotswold Echinoderms,Dr Will McMahon on the Howick Arthropod, Natalia Jagielska on the Isle of Skye Pterosaur, Simon Penn on Isle of Wight Spinosaurs and Prof Malcolm Hart who sent a recorded lecture on Loligosepia from Lyme Regis.

The Secretary of the Hull Geological Society welcomed the delegates from the G A on behalf of the Society and the University of Hull Department of Geography, Geology and Environment. The G A President, Graham Hickman, chaired the meeting.

 Members of the Hull Geological Society contributed the following displays, posters and field trips:

Erratic Fossils from Withernsea by Brenda and Jack Almond.

“The snail’s tale” poster by Arthur Speed about lake deposits at Barmston.

Lincolnshire paramoudra

“Large flints from Lincolnshire and the paramoudra debate” poster and large specimen by Paul Hildreth.

Jurassic ammonites

“The lost Jurassic of South Ferriby” poster and specimens by Mick Oates.

juvenile elephant tooth fossil

Juvenile elephants’ teeth from Flamborough Head by Martyn Pedley and Stuart Jones.

beaver hair from Holderness

Beaver hair from Skipsea Withow Mere by Rodger Connell and Stuart Jones.

Erratics from the Holderness Coast by Stuart Jones.

Photographs of Hull Geological Society field meetings by Stuart Jones.

Kelsey Hill vertebrates

Vertebrates from the Kelsey Hill Gravels by Jim and Stephen Whitaker.

Field trips -

Middlegate Quarry

Middlegate Quarry, South Ferriby field trip attended by about 14 people, led by Mick Oates.

geology walk in Hull

Urban geology walk in Hull led by Mike Horne attended by 9 people.

Skipsea Withow Mere self-guided field trip using notes by Mike Horne attended by 3 people.


Text by Mike Horne. Photographs by Anne Horne, Mick Oates and Mike Horne.

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