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The Bisat Research Project

Bisat Project in Holderness

This project was started in 2014 to record the stratigraphy of the Holderness Coast. The first field meeting was hled at Skipsea Withow Mere on 22nd March 2014 and was attended by Anne Horne, Brian Williams, Dennis Haughey, Graham Kings, Mike Horne, Rod Towse and Stuart Jones.

By the end of 2019 the group has photographed the coast from Sewerby to Spurn and started the next stage which is to log the stratigraphy of significant sites.

In 2021 the Hull Geological Socity's Committee awarded the Felix Whitham Memorial Medal to Graham “for leading the Bisat groups mammoth exercise of the photography of the glacial sediments of the entire Holderness cliffs (2014-2019). Curating and safeguarding the photo archive. And beginning the detailed stratigraphic logging of new and important sections in the cliffs.”

The project was inspired by the work of W S Bisat FRS who produced a section of the coast from fieldwork between 1932 and 1952 which was published posthumously in "The Quaternary of Britain". There had been over 60 years of coastal erosion at an average of 2 metres per year since then.

Links -

 early pictures of the project team by Mike Horne

 report of the first 5 years work by Dennis Haughey

The photographic methods used (pdf document) by Graham Kings

Dealing with Diamicts - a guide for amateur geologists (pdf document) by Mike Horne

some notes on geological logging (pdf document) by Mike Horne

some notes on logging equipment by Mike Horne

some notes on identifying the Holderness Tills by Mike Horne

The following people have contributed to the Bisat Project:- Anne Horne, Arthur Speed, Brian Kneller, Brian Williams, Dennis Haughey, Derek Gobbett, Graham Evans, Graham Kings, Mike Horne, Rod Towse, Rodger Connell, Stuart Jones and Susan Lee.

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