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Glacial Erratic Pebbles

(mostly from the Holderness Coast)

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Quartz found at Speeton



granite found at Hornsea

plutonic igneous rock, type and origin uncertain

Rapakivi Granite derived from Aaland, found in Norfolk, donated by John Barrie

Rhomb Porphyry, probably from Norway

Basalt Porphyry from Oslo Fjord, Norway (identified by Tom)

porphyry (perhaps from the Cheviots) found at Hornsea, Speeton and Barmston

porphyry found at Barmston

amydaloidal lavas

another ? lava

Mica schist found at Hornsea

Garnet mica schist found at Barmston

unidentified metamorphic rock

   unidentified igneous rock

? Tuff found at Hornsea and Barmston

? Quartzite

? Ingletonian conglomerate from Lake District found at Barmston and Speeton

Ice scratched boulders of Carboniferous Limestone

corals in Carboniferous Limestone found at Hornsea and Speeton and in Holderness

Black Carboniferous shelly limestone found at Barmston, perhaps from Scotland

Brockram found at Cayton Bay

Septarian nodule

Middle Jurassic sandstones found at Hornsea and Barmston

Oyster bed/shelly Limestone Lower Jurassic, found at Barmston

grey flint found at Hornsea

Black flint nodule, probably from bed of the North Sea

Red flint found at Barmston and Hornsea, possibly originally from Heligoland.

Lower Jurassic ammonite found at Barmston

Arnioceras erratics from the Holderness coast, photos by "Stone Treasures"

Oxyteuthis found as an erratic at Welton Le Wold, Lincolnshire

Trace fossils from Mappleton


? Pseudomytilloides found at Aldborough

Plesiosaur vertebra found at Hornsea

Micraster in black flint, found as an erratic at Mappleton by A Frostick

Most of these images were made using a flatbed scanner and moistened specimens

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