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Dr Felix Whitham 1919-2009

Felix Whitham was a member of the Hull Geological Society for 49 years and its Treasurer for 37 years. As an amateur palaeontologist he amassed an important collection of fossils from East Yorkshire which he donated to the British Geological Survey. He published many articles about local geology, especially the Chalk. He left his scientific archive to the Society and some unpublished work is now available on this website for the first time.


Bibliography of Felix's published work

The HGS Chalk Project 1987

Early draft of the Chalk paper.

Lecture to the Yorkshire Geological Society March 1991

The Kenneth Fenton Memorial Lecture December 1991

Talk to Hull Rotary Club September 1998

Talk to University of Hull Science Club December 1998

The Felix Whitham Tribute Field Meetings 2010

Editor's notes - The texts have either been scanned in from a typescript or dictated from a manuscript. They have been edited for spelling errors and reformatted. The scientific content has not been altered.

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