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Fossil Focus Seminars

Tutor  - Mike Horne FGS

Free to members of the Hull Geological Society - booking required

Fossil Focus Seminars

A series of informal seminars in the Spring of 2024 based on Level 4 Adult Education Classes for the University of Hull. These were on Thursday evenings starting at 7-40pm and lasted about 1 1/2hours.

Week 1 - geology 101. Studying palaeontology,  Study skills (recording in the field in your notebook and how to record a rock or fossil in your laboratory book).Stratigraphy and biostratigraphy. What is a fossil? Naming fossils.

Week 2 - Evolution and extinction. Palaeoecology, Bivalves.

Week 3 - Crinoids. Echinoids. Trace fossils. Dinosaur trackways.

Week 4 - Ammonites. Introducing microfossils. Microfossil palaeoecology.


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