Mike Horne FGS

"Chemistry in Context " course.

"The Chemistry of the Earth"


by Mike Horne FGS

for the University of Hull

Department of Chemistry

Aims -

Think about -

The "Scientific Method" - how do we do science?

Relationships - how are the sciences related? how does science interact with our lives?

Communication - how can we tell the public about science?

Content -

A bit of mineralogy - How can we identify a mineral? - what are its physical properties and optical properties? Relationship of Chemical bonding to crystal shape to physical properties (e.g. forms of carbon).

Introduction to Silicate Chemistry - Si-O bonds; Si-O arrangements produce groups of minerals with distinct properties; Solid Solution Series.

A bit of geochemistry - Chemical abundance in the planet Earth.

Crystallography - symmetry and crystallographic systems.

Optical mineralogy.

Chemistry of the Silicates.

The original nanoparticles and nanotubes - clays and asbestos

Public Understanding of Science

The relationship between geology and other sciences - mind maps/spider diagrams.

Methods -  Informal talks using OHP, practical work with mineral specimens, discussions and a slide show.

You will need - notepaper and pencil. A penknife and magnifying glass may be helpful if you have them.

some recommended reading :

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copyright Mike Horne - October 2016

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