Adult Education Geology Classes at the University of Hull



Adult Education Department opened 1928.

Centre for Lifelong Learning closed 2012.

Geology taught 1960 to 2012.

Geology Tutors – Ansel Dunham, Brian Waugh, John Neale, Lynden Emery, Mark Piasecki, Mike Horne, Richard Myerscough, Roger Osborn, Roger Sutcliffe, Sheila Rogers, Terry Rockett and Tony Benfield.

University Foundation Award introduced ca. 1996.

 The teaching of part time geology courses at Hull University started in the early 1960s. Dr. John Neale started the classes and later Brian Waugh and Mark Piasecki taught the classes and led weekend field trips for the students. When the Geology Department closed in 1988 Sheila Rogers and Tony Benfield taught the courses. Later Lynden Emery and Terry Rockett took it up. Mike Horne taught his first two courses as a co-tutor with Lynden Emery and later co-led fieldwork courses with Roger Sutcliffe form Whitby

Mike Horne taught geology 1994 to 2012.

 Several of those students have gone on to study for degrees :- seven at Hull University Department of Geography; four on Archaeology courses at Hull; two Nursing at Hull; six on other degree courses at Hull University (including Chemistry and History) ; one at Sheffield Hallam University; five full time geology (or related) degrees at other Universities; eight studied Geosciences with the Open University; two with a distance learning geology course at Birkbeck College and two other OU degrees. Some have gone on to study for higher qualifications - one did a Masters in Geophysics at Leeds University, one a PhD at Leeds University, one a Masters in Palaeontology at Bristol University, one a Masters in Geography and one a PhD at the University of Hull. Four have enrolled for a teaching qualification.

 Following on from the courses there were a number of research projects and publications -

 List of Mike's individual modules

List of Mike's courses 1994-2012

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