Study Skills and Report writing for Scientists.

tutor: Mike Horne FGS

for the Centre for Life Long Learning

University of Hull

To take it further and to put it more bluntly -

In short there is not a right way to do it - but there are some wrong ones, and it is by learning from our mistakes and the mistakes of others that we make progress. Perhaps like me you are an independent learner. I do need to try things out for myself, but if I had followed some fo the advice of others it would have been easier! So I pass on to you these snippets of advice because I have learnt them the hard way!

The plan:-

Well in fact I am probably tackling these things in the wrong order - organisational and planning skills are probably the most important, but from a practical point of view you need to know how to make notes about them to be able to learn from them!

So ... just follow these links (some are written for other courses so it is best to use the back button on your browser rather than and back buttons on the pages)

Taking notes

report planning

report writing -

study management skills

planning research projects

pressure managment

Time Management

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Acknowledgments -

Many thanks to Avril Johnson (Disability Services), Nik Kirkman (Disability Services) and Tina Overton (Chemistry Department) at Hull University for their help and advice.

References -

Overton T 2006, Chemical and Professional Skills - Written Communication. (unpublished course notes, University of Hull)

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