Mike Horne FGS

Geology tutor

University of Hull, Centre for Lifelong Learning

It has been a privilege to be able to pass on some of my geological understanding to the students. I think I have learnt as much from them as I hope they have learnt from me. I shall miss the teaching and hope that somehow we can continue to run classes in the future for the benefit of local people. So I thank the staff of the Centre for Lifelong Learning for their support and the students for their interest.

I am forever grateful to all the geologists and fossil-hunters who I have met during my life and have shared their knowledge and experience with me. In particular I owe a lot to the lecturers and technicians at the former Geology Department of the University of Hull and all the members of the Hull Geological Society; especially Felix Whitham for introducing me to the Yorkshire Chalk and Ron Harrison for his pioneering enthusiasm for urban geology.

I wish to express my thanks to Nikki Abramson, Gordon Binns, Byron Blessed, Denise Chase, Colin Clark, John Coish, Phil Dyble. Lynden Emery, Ann Frostick, Jon Grant, Anne Horne, Nigel Hutchings, Ken Mannion, Tracy Marsters, Angela Meers, Martyn Pedley, John Pratt, Paul Richards, Eric Robinson, Trevor Sands, Mark Stevens, Shigeru Suzuki, Stuart Jones, Michael Thompson, Stone Treasures, Enid Waudby, Arnold Webb, Ben Wedgewood, Nigel Whittington and Paul Whittlesea - for lending me images that I have used on these web pages, lending specimens that I have photographed or scanned and/or allowing me to reproduce images from their web-sites. Thank you to Diego Alvarez, David Hill, Paul Richards and John Toffolo for donating specimens. Also, I acknowledge the help of Paul Hildreth, Simon Mitchell and Charlie Underwood, who have allowed me to use some of their stratigraphic data. And I would like to thank Colin Ellis, Julie Haley, Maxine Tyler and Nigel Whittington for their technical help and advice. Thank you also to David Ellames, David Hill and Sarah Lythe for some health and safety information.

I hope that the students will continue their studies ... here is a picture of some of them trying to do just that without me!


field trip toBoulby


copyright Mike Horne - October 2012