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Membership in the 1930s to 1950s

compiled by Mike Horne


These notes are taken from the Treasurers Account Book starting with 1936-7.

There are no records for 1959. I have not included the new members who joined in the 1960s.



W S Bisat FGS, The Dene, Collingham, Leeds, joined 1920, lapsed 1957

P J Boylan, 2 Clare Street, Preston Road, Hull, then 41 Preston Road, elected April 5th 1956, still a member in 1960s.

B Bradford , The Elms, Skirlaugh, resigned 1937-8.

Wm B Burne DSc MA, 71 Park Avenue Hull, joined 1917, left Hull and resigned in 1949-50

D P Brachi, Elloughton, joined Jul 13th 1948, lapsed 1952.

J Brown, Central House, Wyton, near Bilton, joined May 1947 lapsed 1957.

C M Bromehead, H M Geological Survey, Exhibition Road, South Kensington, London W, joined 1911, became an Honorary Member ca 1953, died ca 1955.

M Carmichael, Kirkella, died 1938-9

A Charlesworth, M Sc, 37 Sandrigngham Road Hull, joined 1921, became an Honorary Member 3 April 1944, died ca 1955.

G A Clark, 51 Main Road, Bilton, joined November 1952, lapsed 1957

W Clarke, 15 Mytongate, Hull,  joined 1953 lapsed 1954.

J Clough FGS, Cardiff, resigned 1939

B Conway, 206 Woodhouse Road, Wold Road Hull, joined 1945, lapsed 1948

B S Cooper, 25 Manor Road, Hull, joined April 1953, lapsed 1954.

R Davey, 7 Southfield Road, Bricknell Avenue, Hull, Honorary Member.

George De Boer MA, 3 Aylesbury Grove, Willerby Road, Hull, joined 1945. Moved to Cottingham, became honorary member in 1962.

R A Matineau Dixon of Thearne, Thearne Hall, Near Beverley,  joined 1922, died ca 1955.

D T Donovan, Department of Geology, University of Hull, joined 3rd October 1962.

J Ellerby, Ulceby Skitter, Ulceby, Lincs. Joined 1946, resigned 1948.

W C Ennis B Sc 135 Albert Avenue, Hull, died 1938-9.

J B Fay, Mortimer Museum Hull, joined 1943.lapsed 1959.

K Fenton, Hessle, then 9 Queensway, Cottingham, joined November 1953, still a member in 1960s.

Sir John Flett, Honorary Member.

Miss V L Foley, 330 Cottingham Road, Hull, joined March 1957 still a member in 1960s.

Dr John S Gayner , New Earswick, joined 1933, died ca 1954.

W T Gibson, 50 Sunnybank Hull, Joined 1943, lapsed 1959.

C Green FGS, 443 Beverley Road, Hull, joined 1930, lapsed 1946

S F Grepe 12 Berkeley Street, Hull, joined 1931, lapsed 1940

Alfred Harker M A, FRS, St. Johns College, Cambridge, Honorary Member.

Dr Edward Harrison, M A, 19 Victoria Avenue Hull, joined 1931, died 1939-40.

Joseph Hunt, 31 Welbeck Street, Hull, joined 1914, lapsed 1939.

E Jameson, Hedon, elected April 1955

H A Jones FGS paid 1940-41

W S Jones, Kirkella, paid April 12th 1946.

J Pryce Jones BSC HC, Hornsea.

Alfred Jordon, lapsed 1940, died 1942

Dr A Jowett FGS, Down Side, West Town, Bristol. Honorary member.

W B Light, Anlaby, joined 1933, lapsed 1938.

Cecil W Mason , 15 then 12 Park Avenue, Hull, joined 1923,

Sidney Melmore B Sc 61 Carr Lane, Acomb, York. Joined 1927, lapsed 1959.

R C Moore MA MSc Director of Education, Guildhall, Hull, (Edgbaston, 10 Newland Park) joined 1943, left Hull and resigned 1952.

F G Mort AMICE, Hessle, joined December 1955, lapsed 1956.

Dr J W Neale, 88 Strathmore Avenue Hull, joined October 1962.

C B Newton FGS, 204 Park Avenue, Hull, joined 1912, lapsed 1932.

Pallister, North Ferriby

T B Parke, Station Road, Ulceby. Joined 1933, died ca. 1959.

C Papahyricon, Cyprus Cement Co. Cyprus, joined July 1956, lapsed 1958.

Lewis Frederick Penny, University College, Hull. Joined 1953.

Princeton University Library, New Jersey, USA. Lapsed 1941.

W F Pettifer, Little Coates, Grimsby, joined 1938, resigned 1956

Queensgate Whiting Co Ltd, Beverley, attn C H Drewry, joined 1941, C H Drewry died ca 1946.

R M Robson, Filey, died 1942-3

Brian Rowe, Bridlington, joined April 1949, moved away and resigned 1952.

P H Shepherd, Grimsby. Joined mid 1950s then lapsed.

Thos Sheppard M Sc FGS, Hull Museum, Hull, joined 1908, became honorary member April 1st 1941, died February 1944.

Dr Geo Sheppard, Cheltenham, resigned 1938-9

C F B Shilito, Brocklesby, joined 1933, died 1950.

A C Simpson, 66 Newland Park, Hull, joined 1913, died 1940-1

J E Skinner, Chanterlands Avenue, Hull, died 1940-1

J G Sleight 7 Ash Grove, Newland, Hull, Honorary Member, died ca 1945.

A N Somerscales, 9 Marlborough Avenue, Hull, founder member?, became Honorary Member 1940-1

Thos Stainforth BA BSc 145 Westbourne Avenue, Hull, died 1942-3

R M Stainforth 145 Westbourne Avenue Hull, lapsed 1937-8

A J Stather , died March 1938.

J W Stather, 36 Newland Park, Hull, died 1940??

J R Stather, 164 Fairfax Avenue, Hull, joined April 1954 still a member in 1960s.

W H Stather, 34 Heathcote Street, Hull, joined 1934, lapsed 1942, moved to Heathcote, 21 Westfield Road, Cottingham, re-elected May 1952, died 1956.

W Sykes, Cottingham, resigned 1938-9.

T T Taylor, Monk Road, Beverley, joined 1935, lapsed 1956.

Chas Thompson B Sc, Tunbridge Wells. Resigned 28th April 1942.

H C Versey, 1 Stainburn Terrace, Moortown, Leeds, Honorary Member.

L Watnough, 38 Wellesley Rd, Hull, joined 1932, died ca 1958

H G Watson FGS, Engineers Office, Guildhall, Hull, resigned 1944

J H Whitehead MC FGS, HMS Geological Survey, 32 St Marys, York, lapsed 1937-8

Felix Whitham, 125 Westlands Road, Hull, joined October 18th 1961.

E J Wilkinson, Terry Street, Hull, joined April 1st 1951, left area and resigned 1952.

Major W Willatt, Reighton Hall, Filey. ? resigned 1941?

R J Williamson, Bilton, joined April 1953, lapsed 1959.

Douglas Wilson, F?AC, 35 Anlaby Park Road, Hull, joined 1934 died ca 1959.

Ian D Wilson ("Junior"), 35 Anlaby Park Road, Hull. Joined April 5th 1952 still a member in 1960s.

Jas H Wilson, 35 Anlaby Park Road North, Hull, joined 1910, moved to Ashville, Wilson Street, Anlaby, died April 1949.

P J Woodrow, Anlaby Park, Hull. Joined 1957 lapsed 1959.

W H Wreghitt, North Ferriby, joined 1956, lapsed 1958.

C W Wright, Tower House, North Ferriby, joined 1930, moved to 37 Phillimore Gardens London W8

E V Wright, Tower House, North Ferriby, joined 1930, moved to Elloughton then Walkington.


Notes -

Where a member's records have ended I have recorded them as having lapsed.


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