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Publications of the Hull Geological Society –

         Humberside Geologist

A peer-reviewed printed journal. Some editions are also available on CR-ROMs which may also contain alternative versions of articles and aditional data.

         Humberside Geologist Online

A peer-reviewed online journal which may include papers from the printed journal, alternative versions of those papers aimed at a wider readership and papers not in the print version.

         Transactions of the Hull Geological Society

A previously published journal of the HGS now out of print; a papers may be available on line.

         East Yorkshire Field Studies

         Hull GS Website

The Society website will include a listing of forthcoming events, reports of meetings, abstracts from meetings, photographic records of meetings and articles about local geology that have not been peer-reviewed.


The Secretary will send a printed newsletter with the three mailings to members. The Secretary will send an email newsletter to members who choose to receive e-mails, periodically. The Secretary may send an email newsletter to “friends of the Society” occasionally to advertise our events which are open to the public.

         Society Programmes

         Social Media


Disclaimer - The views expressed in the Society’s publicationsare not necessarily those of the Society as a whole. Mention of a site in our publications does not imply that there is a right to access to that site or that permission to visit and collect specimens has been granted by the owner.

Copyright permission and fees:

Any article or image printed or used by other individuals or organisations from Humberside Geologist (printed, online or on CD ROM) or the Hull Geological Society website may not be altered or edited - it must be used in its original form and the source acknowledged.

Permission is given for individuals to make one copy of printed material or print out one copy form the web-site or CDs for personal educational use.

If an individual wishes to print more than one copy ofan article or webpage then they should pay 50 pence a copy to the Society.

If any not-for-profit educational organisation wishes to print multiple copies for free distribution they may do so as long as they inform the Society.

If an indvidual, organisation or publisher wishes to use text or images from Humberside Geologist or the web-si tes they should request permission from the Secretary and pay a fee of at leastten pounds, if the Secretary agrees.

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