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Welcome to the Hull Geological Society webpages.

We specialize in the study of the rocks and fossils of East Yorkshire, the Yorkshire Coast and northern Lincolnshire.

Here is a list of other geological web sites that you might be interested in :

Please note this web page has not been updated for several years; some links may be broken.

Geological Societies:

Association of GeoconservationUKGroups

The Australian Mineral Collector

Cheltenham Mineral & Geological Society

Craven and Pendle Geological Society

Cumberland Geological Society

Cumbria RIGS Group

DIGS - Dorest RIGS Group

Dorset Geologists Association

East Herts Mineral & Fossil Club

East Midlands Geological Society

Edinburgh Geological Society

Essex Rock and Mineral Society

The Geochemical Society

The Geologists' Association

Geological Curators Group

The Geological Society London

The Geological Society of Glasgow

geotimes - published by the American Geologic Institute

Harrow and Hillingdon Geological Society

Herefordshire and Worcestershire Earth Heritage Trust

Huddersfield Geology Group

Hull Geological Society

Humber Archaeology Partnership

Humberside Geologist

International Commission on Stratigraphy (ICS)

Leeds Geological Association

Liverpool Geological Society

The Micropalaeontological Society

The Mineralogical Society

Mineralogy Club of Antwerp , Belgium

National Ice Age Network

North Eastern Geological Society

North East Yorkshire Geology Trust

North Staffordshire Group of the Geologists' Association

The Palaeontological Association

The PCSB Geological Society (Leicester University)

Quaternary Reserach Association

RockWatch for young geologists in the UK

Royal Geological Society of Cornwall

Ryedale Vernacular Building Materials Research Group

Shropshire Geological Society

Shropshire Mines Trust

South-west Florida Fossil Club

University of Derby Geological Society

Westmorland Geological Society

West of England Group of the Geologists' Association

West Sussex Geological Society

West Yorkshire RIGS Group

York Archaeological Trust

Yorkshire Churches

The Yorkshire Geological Society

Yorkshire vernacular buildings study group

Web-based clubs, groups and communities:

Yorkshire Geology month - Very good site which offers events for anyone (Please take a look)

A Look At Geology & Paleontology

Amateur Geologists' Community

a fossil club - 'a place for people collecting fossils'

Creation vs Evolution - "Let's keep it a friendly debate"

Dinosaur Bones & Coprolite - Dung - Dinosaurs and all the things they left behind

Fossil Hunters Club - for people who are interested in Fossil hunting

gemology UK - "to discuss what gemmologists in the UK want"

gems, minerals and lapidary - for people who are experienced collecting and cutting rock and gemstones

gemstones and minerals - community for collectors of gemstones and minerals

Lost fossils - anything dealing with fossils

microfossils - 'dedicated to microfossils as a hobby'

Minerals and fossils - devoted to the field collector

rocks and minerals - 'for all who are interested in rocks and minerals'

sub-basalt imaging - geophysical methods to image beneath a basalt-covered area

Yorkshire Geology discussion group on MSN

Individual Geologists:

Albian ammonites from the Aube

Ammonites by Jean-Claude Bertin

Ammonites Free Online

Ammonites of the Lower Lias by Chris Pamplin

Athena Mineralogy by Pierre Perroud

Atlas of ore minerals by Tracey Laight

Backyard Geology

Baltic amber by Neil Clark of the Huntarian Museum, Glasgow

Belgian Fossils

Bob's fluorescent gems

Bob' Rock Shop - Rock and Gem Magazine

British Fossil Fauna and Flora by Tom Levinson in Bristol

Burgess Shale Fossils

California Amateur Paleontology

Ceratopsia or horned dinosaurs

Chalk of Kent

Charlie Underwood's fossil shark publications (pdfs)

Channel Tunnel Geology

Chris Pamplin's Geological Tours of south west England

Cretaceous Sharks

Crinoidea by William I. Ausich and Charles G. Messing

Crystallography by David Barthelmy

Danish Chalk and fossils

Danish K/T boundary by Birgitte Bisgaard

Dartmoor Geology and Scenery by Chris Pamplin

Didier Petry's fossils (mostly ammonoids)


Dinosaur footprint collection from New Jersey

Dinosaur Trace Fossils by A J Martin, Emory Univ, Atlanta .

Discovering fossils by Roy Sheppard

Ditchweezil's Fossil Site

Donna Eaves (Minerals and Kilauea)

Dynamic Earth course - Rob Butler University of Leeds.

Early Cambrian Fossils In Western Nevada

Early Cretaceous Tethyan Stratigraphy

Earth Catastrophes course - University of California at Santa Cruz

Eocene fossils from Green River basin USA

e-fossils by Mark O'Dell

FlintSource by Rengert Elburg

Foram Gallery by Brian Darnton (UK) & Wim van Egmond (NL)

Fossil Collections of the World compiled by Simon Biggs

Fossil Discovery

fossil sharks USA

fossil sharks from transylvania

fossils of Kentucky

fossils at Spurn Point

fossils from East Yorkshire and Holland by Jan-Willem Hoogendoorn

fossils of the Gault Clay by the late Jim Craig

fossils of the Lias

Fossils of the UK by Chris Traxon

Frederic Diebold's Cretaceous Ammonites

French Jurassic Ammonites

French Ordovician Trilobites

Eurypterids from Pittsford N.Y.

gastropods of the family Aporrhaidae

Geology of Heslerton (East Yorkshire)

Geology of Kent and the Boulonnais

The Geology of Portsdown Hill [Chalk] by Hilma Miles

Geology of Tenerife

Geology Rocks

GeologyShop by Dr. Colin Harris

Glacial erratics in Holland

Global Climate Change Student Information Guide - Joe Buchdahl

Grey Olltwit's UK Fossil Site

Illustrated glossary of terms used in foraminiferal research by Lukas Hottinger Museum of Natural History, Basel (Switzerland)

Index of minerals in thin-section - K. Ratajeski & A.F. Glazner, Department of Geological Sciences, University of North Carolina

Introduction to Crystallography and Mineral Crystal Systems by Mike Howard

Isle of Sheppey fossils

Jordan Mallon's PaleoPortfolio

Jurassic Cliffs of Dorset

Kato's collections of minerals and fossils

Kevin Brett, University of Alberta - Trilobites

Kevin C. Hartzog - Paleontology Sites

Late Quaternary microfossils of the Gulf of St Lawrence

Learning From the Fossil Record

Links for mineralogists - Minerals in thin sections by Klaus-Peter Kelber, University of Würzburg

Lower Jurassic Fossils from North Yorkshire

Lyall Anderson's Fossil Surgery

Microfossils and the Channel Tunnel by C. S. Harris

microscopy and mineral images

The Mineral and Gemstone Kingdom by H. Friedman

Mineralogy at Bristol University by David Sherman

Minerals of England and Wales by Tom Levinson

Minerals of Scotland by H Currie

Neil Clark's Palaeozoic fossils from the Huntarian Museum

Nick LeBoutillier - Mining Geologist, Camborne School of Mines

Oaklahoma geology and palaeontology

Optical Mineralogy Course by Greg Finn of Brock University with additional Mineral Gallery

Ostracod research Group, University of Greenwich

Palaeontology in Chile

Paleontology and fossils resources by Jack Mount

Paleontology and Geology of Missouri

Palaeoentomology in Russia (fossil athropods)

Petrology Basics - University of British Columbia

Petrography by John Longshore, HSU Geology Dept

Phanerozoic reefs

Physical Geology Lecture Online by Pamela Gore from Georgia Perimeter College

Plant Fossils of the Pennsylvanian Period from West Virginia

The Plesiosaur site

Rik's Paleontological Activities

Robert Randell's Chalk Fossils

Rock collecting in Britain by John Roberts

Rocks under the Microscope by D.J. Waters, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Oxford

Ruel A. Macaraeg - fossils - including insects in amber

star*sand project - information about Foraminifera

Shetland Landscapes

Solnhofen Limestone

Trevor Sand's collection of Lincolnshire and Yorkshire fossils

The I-170 Pennsylvanian Exposure in St. Louis , Missouri by Norman R. King

The Pterosaur Database by Paul Pursglove, Stoke-on-Trent, UK.

Trilobites in France

Virtual Field Trip to the Austin Chalk Group

Virtual geology sites compiled by Dr. Colin Harris

The Volcano Information Center by Richard V. Fisher. University of California at Santa Barbara

Welsh Minerals pages by John S. Mason

West's Geological Directory

Yorkshire Fossils by John Felton

YupRocks Mineral Photography by Brooks Dillard

Museum webpages:

Cambourne School of Mines

conserving fossils (Florida Museum Natural History)

Dinostar (Hull)

Florida Museum of Natural History

Illinois State Museum - ice ages

The La Brea Tar Pits

Leicester University Geology Department

Mineral database at University of Wisconsin, Madison

Natural History Museum in London

The Paleontological Museum , University of Oslo

Ryedale Folk Museum

Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences , Cambridge U K

Scunthorpe Museum

Silurian reefs of Wisconsin

" Sue " - the Tyranosaurus rex

Whitby Museum

University and College sites with useful course notes or information:

Atlas of common ore minerals -Oxford Brooks University

Introduction to Geology , Okanagan University College BC

Petrology - Oxford Brookes University.

UCMP Glossary of Geological Terms

Wooster College (Ohio) Geology Dept

Geological Surveys:

British Geological Survey

Cascades Volcano Observatory USGS

Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland

Kansas Geological Survey

Ministry of Energy and Mines for British Columbia

Rocks - USGS National Parks Service

Geological reserves/heritage/famous areas:

Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre

Falls of the Ohio State Park - Devonian fossils

The Jurassic Coast - Dorset and East Devon's World Heritage Coastline - fossils page.

Yorkshire Dinosaur Coast Project

Fossil and Mineral Dealers:

All that Glitters

Al-Qaim Gems & Minerals Assiciates , Gilgit

Arizona Skies Meteorites

Atlantis Gemstones

Artgems Inc , Arizona

British Lapidary and Mineral Dealers Association

Carigem International

Charlie's Rock Shop , London

Crystal Ascension (minerals, quartz singing bowls, artwork, and jewelry)

Crystal Cavern (crystals, birthstones, minerals and crystal balls)

The Crystal Kingdom

Dinosaur Eggs for Sale

Discovering Fossils

Dolphin Minerals

The Dug Out Rock Shop , Gloucester, UK.

Famous fossils

Fossilart , West Yorkshire, UK

Fossil Beach

fossil dealers web-ring

Fossil Finder , Surrey, UK

Fossils Galore

'Fossil High Street'

Fossil Kingdom , NY

Fossil reporduction molds [I think that is American-English for 'moulds']

Fossil Swap

Fossils tilobites of Wenlock

Gem India Corporation

Gemsnthings - gems, healing crystals, &c.

Genuine Gems - Sri Lanka

GeoEd Ltd including 'Baldwin's fossils'

GeoLogic - geological supplies

Geosupplies , Sheffield - books, equipment, &c .

Healthstones - crystals, dinosaurs and 'new age'

Holworthy gifts and minerals

John Betts Fine Minerals , New York

Keith Rigby Opals , Australia

Ken Mannion from Barton Upon Humber, Lincolnshire

Krystal Roks Ltd

Little Gems Rock Shop , Cromer

Lyme Bay Fossils

Mike Marshall's Yorkshire Coast Fossils from Whitby

The Mineral Gallery

Mr Wood's Fossils (York and Edinburgh)

Natural Wonders - Byron Blessed from Whitby

Newearth - John Gamesby from Billigham Las Vagas, USA


Rock'n'gem Shows (UK)

Rocks and Minerals , Colerado

Silver Jewelry Web-store

Sinofossil Inc (China)

The Stone Company , Boulder, CO

The Stone Shop , Bridlington

Stone Treasures - fossils

Taiwan fossils and minerals

Two Guys Fossils , East Bridgewater, MA


U K Gems

Undoria Fossils, Minerals and Tours - Volga River Region, Russia.

United Kingdom Geologists Equipment

Verhulst's Fossils dinosaur eggs and much more

Where to find agate

wildabout rocks , Sandhurst


Lusofossils Fossils Organizer - cataloguing software

Geological guided tour s :

Family fossil walks - Chris Pamplin

Iran Gasht Tours

Shetland Geotours

Geological publishers:

Publishers Enterprises Group Ltd ., Malta

Terra Publishing

dealers in the stone trade:

Apexstone Amoy Company Ltd Xiamen, China.

International Granite Quarrier & Fabricator (Brazilian Exporter)

marble & granite Inc - Westwood, MA

Stoneworld - stone and tile design

Stone Products (Xiamen city, China)

Vittorio Veneto Granite Tables (granite stone design)

useful resources:

The BGS Rock Classification Scheme

CODENET = Coccolithophorid evolutionary biodiversity and ecology network

Earth Pages - News

Ecoseek Geo-sicence directory -links

Fossil Collections of the World

Geochemistry Links for mineralogists

geology dictionary

The Ultimate Geography & Geology Resource Page

Geology Jobs

Geology Seek

geological time machine by Allen Collins

Geoscience Resources

GeoSearch Engine

Global Climate Change Student Information Guide by Joe Buchdahl

The Heritage On-line Bookstore

International Subcommission On Cambrian Stratigraphy

INA = International Nannoplankton Association

The International Research Group on Ostracoda

Joint Earth Science Education Initiative - free resources for teachers

Journal of Quaternary Science

Links for Mineralogists

mineral and gemstone kingdom

The Mineral Database

Newsletter for Ostracodologists

On-line geology journals

Palaeontologia Electronica

Palaeo Links by James F. Mahaffy

Physical Geology Course Resources on the Internet

Plant Fossil Record (searchable)

PSIgate Physical Sciences Information Gateway

Quaternary Science Reviews

Schoolsnet - general education website for teachers etc.

U.K. Volcanologists

Understanding Earth - Frank Press and Raymond Siever.

Websurfers Biweekly Earth Science Review

Other links that include some geology or may be useful to geologists:

Aladin's Cave of Treasures (minerals from Egypt)

ExploreUnited Kingdom - lots of interesting links (well researched)

Phases of the Moon

science and PUS links:

British Association for the Advancement of Science

Royal Society

almost geology:

Jack Wenger's wooden art

The Postal Microscopical Society (founded 1873)


If you find that any of these links no longer work please let me know but please be specific and mention the URL of this web-page (I have lots of web pages!).

Thanks, Mike Horne, Website Editor.


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