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  Felix Whitham Memorial Medal Recipients -

Stuart Jones 2013

Stuart Jones is continuing to contribute to the public understanding of geology in three ways –

He organises Roadshows for the Hull Geological Society and these events would not be the same without his displays of local fossils. This year Stuart is organising Roadshows at Hornsea Museum, the Treasure House and Holy Trinity Church for the HGS. Last year he also took displays to other voluntary groups in the Hornsea area, bringing the work of the HGS to the attention of a wider audience and sharing his enthusiasm for geological fieldwork.

Secondly, Stuart recently has been instrumental in persuading the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust to carry out repair work to the shelter at Rifle Butts SSSI and designing new specifications to protect the site from geological vandalism.

Like Felix, Stuart also has two rare geological gifts – the ability to charm the fossils out of the rocks and then explain their significance to anyone walking by in terms they can understand.

Ian Heppenstall 2015

Over the last ten years Ian has inspired and organised meetings of the Flamborough Quaternary Research Group. He has also been a keen supporter and “expert” at our Roadshows at Holy Trinity Church and led three field meetings in 2014 for Yorkshire Geology Month.  As joint Publicity Officer he had made great efforts to inform the public about our meetings and has appeared on local radio a number of times representing the Society.


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