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Geology Department - display of fossils from the Lower Jurassic and Kellaways

Felix Whitham - display of Chalk fossils

Mike Horne - geology of the north Somerset coast

R Davies - geological structures

Ken Fenton and  Mike Horne - the Hessle Buried Cliff

Lynden Emery - the Lascaux Caves



Geology Department - flume tank demonstration

Lynden Emery - Lanzarotte (talk and display)

Felix Whitham - HGS Centenary Chalk Project

Mike Horne - Microfossils (talk and display)

Mike Horne - recent field meetings (display)

Felix Whitham - Jurassic Ammonites (display)

Jean and Ron Harrison - erratics



Terry Rockett - extinctions

Ron Harrison - building stones of Hull and the East Riding

Felix Whitham - preparing fossils

Claire Hayes, Donald Beveridge and Mavis May - geology of the south of France

Felix Whitham - fossils (display)

Mike Horne - microfossils (display)

Gordon Lockwood - minerals (display)

Hull Museums - recent acquisitions

Daid Hill (display)

Roy and Beryl Osborn (display)





Terry Rockett  -  "Selected Canyonlands and National Parks of USA".

Mike Horne  - "Recent research by the Society - Sands Top Quarry and North Cave Wetlands"

David Hill - "Barrandien of the Czech Republic".


Don Berry-  PowerPoint slide show of the geology of Iceland;

Mike Horne -  demonstration of the "Footsteps of Lamplugh"  CD-ROM

Mike Horne - illustrated talk about recent research at Knapton;

Paul Richards - demonstration of the new CDROM of Humberside Geologist which contains all back numbers

Stuart Jones - display of fossils from Holderness

Terry Rockett - the geology of Santorini.


Barrie Heaton - geological slide show,

David Hill - some aspects of the geology of Poland,

Geoff Featherstone - a minerals quiz,

Harold Tabiner - display of fossils 

Mike Horne - slides of the boat trip around Flamborough Head.


Terry Rockett - Hull Geological Society 50th Anniversary medal

Paul Hildreth - H E Wroot,

Mike Horne - "A tribute to Felix Whitham"

Stuart Jones - adisplay local fossils and

Philip Vixsebroxse - a display fossils from England.



Derek Gobbett - "Torrent Scars"

Ian Heppenstall - "A Look around Malham in Airedale."

Ian Heppenstall - "The Ipswichian Buried Cliff"

"John Upton - "Global climate change, New York, Spurn Peninsular and the Humber Estuary flooding."

Paul Hildreth - "The Frodingham Ironstone - the rock that built Scunthorpe."

Rodger Connell, Stuart Jones, Derek Gobbett and Mike Horne - "So...... how many "Bridlington Crags" are there? Ongoing work with the Penny Collection"


Till matrix palynology as a provenance tool" by Roger Connell

Field Meetings 2014 by Mike Horne

Bisat Project Progress Report by Graham Kings


Rodger Connell - report on Flamborough Quaternary Research Project

Graham Kings & Rodger Connell - report on Bisat Research Project

Mike Horne - Geoconservation in the Graveyard


Mike Horne on the Chalk of the Yorkshire Coast,

Terry Rockett on the Permian Extinction Event,

Graham Kings and Rodger Connell on recent research by the Bisat Project

Stuart Jones - display of photographs.


David Hill on “Geology in the Arctic”,

Mike Horne on “30 years of geoconservation at Rifle Butts SSSI”,

Rodger Connell with a report of the Bisat Research Project,

Terry Rockett on the history of plate techtonics


Mike Horne - The Lewis Penny Collection at the University of Hull

Mike Horne - Yorkshire Type Erratics

Mike Horne - Towards a practical stratigraphy for the Yorkshire Chalk

Terry Rockett - William Smith and John Phillips

2021 (Zoom Members' Evening)

Arthur Speed on "Churches big and small"

Helen Kitson on Keyingham Gravel Pit

Mike Horne on the geology of South Ferriby Foreshore


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