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The Lewis Penny Collection at Hull University

Dentalium in the Lewis Penny Collection

The collection consists of Holderness erratics (some with thin sections), sub-fossils shells from Holderness, specimens from source areas and some archives. It was collected by Lewis Penny (1920-2000), John Catt (1939-2017), and Patrick Boylan. It was catalogued and dusted by Mike Horne, Rodger Connell in 2010 and 2012 and details were added to the University's electronic catalogue in 2019. We may add further specimens to the collection from the 2019 exposure of the Bridlington Crag and from Holderness gravel pits. A new collection of type erratics is being formed to complement the Penny Collection.

Photographs of the specimens are available on request and researchers may arrange to visit the collection.

The collection includes -

Holderness erratics
Some with thin sections
Sub-fossil shells from East Yorkshire
Bulk samples from East Yorkshire
Samples from source localities of the erratics
Some rocks from other Quaternary localities

Some archives

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Sub Basement Fauna in the Penny Collection

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