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In October 2014 the HGS, Hull School of Art and Design and the Yorkshire Geological Society held a photographic competition on the topic "Aesthetics Geology".

Here is a list of the photographs submitted. You can click on some to view the photographs (they have been reduced from their original size and the HGS logo has been added for copyright reasons). There has been no other editing. The photographs with their titles in bold were selected for display at the exhibition by - Fraser Brigs (Fine Art), Matt Hopper (Fine Art), David Hill (Geology), Jean Hill, Alison Field (Photography).

Anna Kirk-Smith (Professional artist)-

Anthony Cooper (Professional geologist) -

David Hill (Amateur) -

Jim Wilson -

Jo Booth (Artist / Photographer)-

Karel De Pauw (Amateur photographer) -

Mark Bateman (Amateur) -

Matt Fratson (Photographer) -

Mike Horne (Geologist) -

Noel Worley (geologist) -

Patrick Boylan (Amateur geologist) -

Paul Collinson (amateur) -

Peter Matthews (artist) -

Ursula Lawrence (professional geologist) -

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