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The Society also publishes an occasional journal called Humberside Geologist with articles about local geology and geologists, and is free to members. Some articles from this are available online . Printed copies are available from the Secretary.

Prices may change if postal charges increase

Price List for Back Numbers

Numbers 1,2,3, 4 and 5 are out of print; but reproductions are now available at 5 pounds each.
Numbers 6, 7, 8 & 9 are 5 pounds
Number 10 & 11 are 6 pounds
Number 12 is 6 pounds
Number 13 is 6 pounds
F Whitham - Chalk Stratigraphy pt. 1 & 2 are 4 pounds each.
Special Publication Number 1 (CD-ROM) "In the footsteps of Lamplugh" is 3 pounds.
The complete Humberside Geologist nos 1 to 13 on CD-ROM (with a preview of no. 14) is 10 pounds.
Number 14 is 7 pounds.
Number 14 CDROM version is 6 pounds
Number 15 is 7 pounds
Special Publication Number 2 (3 audio CDs) Centenary Lectures by Lynden Emery, Peter Rawson and Willy Wright is 8 pounds.
The complete Trasactions of the Hull Geological Society (CD-ROM) will cost 10 pounds.

Prices include post and packing, in the U K; overseas postage extra.

Please make cheques payable to "Hull Geological Society" and send orders to 28 Salisbury Street, Hull, HU5 3HA.

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    (updated March 2015)


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