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  Hull Geological Society Christmas Quiz 2022

with questions set by Terry Rockett and Mary Howard

(picture round omitted).

  1.  List the following places in order putting the most Northerly first to the most Southerly last.  Runswick, Sandsend, Staiths, Port Mulgrave.

  2.  Name the glacial depositional features that block the East end of the Vale of Pickering and form Red Cliff at North Ferriby.

  3.  If you travelled due East from Skipsea (approx.. 50 degrees N ) which would be the first country you would reach?

  4.  The Wolds Way runs from the Humber to Filey. How many miles long is it?

  5.  What ‘appeared’ at Wold Cottage near Wold Newton in 1795?

  6.  Name the winterbourne stream that sometimes flows from Wharram-Le-Street to Bridlington Harbour.

  7.  Name the long distance walk from the Humber to Rutland via the Lincoln Wolds.

  8.  Name the basaltic feature that originates from the Isle of Mull and terminates on Fylingdales /Goathland Moor.

  9.  What is the height of the highest part of the East Yorkshire Wolds?

10.  What is the name of the tallest Standing Stone in Britain

11. Name the waterfall on the River Tees which flows over the Whin Sill

12. The Old Man of HOY is a sandstone sea stack found in which group of Scottish islands?

13. I n which range of mountains is Ben Nevis?

 14 Near which city are the ancient volcanic remains named Arthur’s Seat?

15  Land’s End is in which UK county?

16 Mount Etna is Europe’s highest volcano. Which of these is closest to its height? A) 2500m  B) 3500m or C) 4500m

17  Which is the most westerly European Country?

18  Which is the largest island in Europe?

19 To which country do the islands of Stromboli and Vulcano belong?

20  Name the highest point in the Pennines

21  What are the Chemical symbols for a) Gold  b) Silver c) Platinum?

22  Name the variety of Chalcedony that is the name of a Bay south of Scarborough ( variant spelling ).

23  Which Metal is obtained from SPHALERITE?

24  Which mineral is Hardness 3 on the MOHS’ SCALE?

25  What does the MERCALLI SCALE measure?

26  Which extinct creature had 3 main parts CEPHELON, THORAX and PYGIDIUM and was abundant during the SILURIAN PERIOD?

27 Camels Often Sit Down Carefully, Perhaps Their Joints Creak. How might this mnemonic be useful to a Geologist?



30  Name the  ANTICLINE ( about 250 miles long ) which runs N/S in Northern England.

31 On the HGS logo is some writing, a date, a pair of crossed hammers and what else?

32  How many of the popular O.S. 1:50000 maps are needed to cover the whole of England, Wales and Scotland?

33  Which is the world’s flattest continent?

34. The Red Sea is a submerged section of which valley?

35. How many National Parks are there in Scotland?

36. Which European river is 3000kms long, passes through/by 10 countries and 4 Capital cities?

37. What name is given to a feature formed by longshore drift e.g. Spurn Head?

38. What name is given to the vast single landmass in Lower Permian times that started to break up in the Mesozoic?

39. What name is given to the process by which loose deposits may be formed into sedimentary rocks? The word means ‘’ turning to stone ‘’.

40. What colour is usually used on BGS maps for a) Chalk   and  b) Limestone?

41 This 1970s band had hits which include ‘Tiger Feet’ and ‘Lonely this Christmas’. Their one word name means a mixture of water and fine grained particles.

42 This modern Stone Age family were having a "yabba dabba do time" in the 1960s. What word links them to a microcrystalline rock made of silica?

43  We see them at the coast and also inland: steep rock faces, almost vertical. What word links these features to the superstar who sang ‘Congratulations in the 1968 Eurovision Song Contest?

44  In 1967 the UK won the Eurovision Song Contest with ‘Puppet on a String’ by which artist whose name is synonymous with a silica rich environment often found near the sea?

45  The original version of the song that starts ‘Chestnuts roasting on an open fire’ was sung by a person whose family name is a misspelling of which combustible sedimentary rock?

46  ‘I can’t get no satisfaction’ was a hit for which group?

47 That group took their name from a song by which musician whose name could mean "a turbulent suspension of silt and clay"

48   The2013 Disney animated film that featured Anna and Elsa and the song ‘Let it Go’ has a title that describes what state of water during a glaciation?

49  In 1970 Diana Ross sang about her dissatisfaction with Mount Everest being only 29,000feet. What was the title of the song?

50 Geology 24/7 ?

double yellow line pebble


 1.  Staithes, Port Mulgrave, Runswick, Sandsend.

 2 .(Terminal ) Moraine.

 3. Germany

 4. 80 miles (Allow 75-85 miles).

 5. Meteorite.

 6. Gypsey Race.

 7. Viking Way

 8.Cleveland Dyke.
 9. 246 metres .( Allow 230-260m ).

10 Rudston Monolith

11 High Force

12 Orkney Isles

13 Grampians

14 Edinburgh

15 Cornwall

16 3500m

17 Iceland

18 UK

19 Italy

20 Cross Fell (893m—almost 3000ft )

21.a) Au  b) Ag c) Pt

22. Cornelian Bay

33. ZINC


25. Earthquake Density


27. Geological Periods of the L/U Palaeozoic/Cainozoic Periods.

      Cambrian, Ordovician, Silurian, Devonian, Carboniferous, Permian, Triassic, Jurassic, Cretaceous.


29. Types of SANDSTONES



31 An ammonite

32 204 (allow185—225 )

33 Australia

34 African Great Rift Valley

35  two -  The Cairngorms and Loch Lomond and the Trossachs.

36 River Danube.

37 (Sand) Spit

38 Pangaea

39 Lithification.

40   a) Green/yellow  b)  Blue

41 Mud

42 Flint

43 Cliff

44 Sandy Shore

45 Nat 'King' Cole

46 Rolling Stones

47 Muddy Waters

48 Frozen

49 "Ain't no mountain high enough"

50 "Rock around the clock"


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