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Risk Assessment


Type of activity: - Sale or donation of Geological Specimens at a display or Roadshow; may be given away for no charge; may be part of  a “Lucky Dip”

 Specimens donated by members may be given or sold to the public for educational purposes or to raise funds for the Society. We must be aware that they might be used by children, so the risk is higher than usual.

 We should make it clear by labelling on “Lucky Dip” containers, on our website and by verbal instructions for people wishing their children to use the specimens that - “These are genuine rocks, minerals and fossils; they are not toys. They are not suitable for young children, they should not be put in the mouth or licked. You should always wash your hands after handling geological specimens before eating food”








Safety measures

Sharp specimens – e.g. obsidian, flint, slate

Risk of cuts

Do not include in Lucky Dip

Toxic minerals – e.g. lead, mercury, barium minerals. Slag

Risk of poisoning

Do not include in Lucky Dip

Biohazards – such as Weil’s Disease

Risk of serious illness

Specimens from Landfill Sites should not be included in Lucky Dip. New specimens should be washed or kept for over 6 month before donation.

Pyrite Rot – specimens decay and  give off sulfuric acid

Risk of damage to furniture

Do not include in Lucky Dip. Pass on conservation advice about pyrite decay.


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