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Hull Urban Geological Sites - Urban RIGS in Hull.

At a meeting held on 8th May 2001 the East Yorkshire RIGS Group designated the following Hull Urban Geological Sites as Regionally Important Geological and Geomorphological Sites for their educational value:-

Llyods-TSB Bank on the corner of Chapel Street and paragon Street - a shop-front with a pale granite displaying excellent rapakivi structures.

Methodist Hall and the central Police Station in Queen's Gardens - both with a cladding of Tilberthwaire Tuff from the lake District - displaying sedimentary structures and volcanic bombs. The cladding on the police station was removed in 2019 without consultation.


Festival House - blocks of fossiliferous ironstone of Jurassic age


HSBC Bank near the War Memorial - solid pillars of granite

Williamson's Solicitors in Lowgate - fronted with polished slabs of Ashburton Marble - a Devonian Limestone with excellent stromatoporoid fossils.

Monument Buildings - Pillars of red granite containing dark xenoliths (inclusions of country rock).

The statue of King William in Market Place and associated plinth and Gentleman's Toilet.

Two areas within Western Cemetery (Spring Bank, Hull) - one for the variety of rock types and monumental styles, the other to show the effects of weathering were designated as RIGS on 19th July 2004. 

weathered gravestones in Western Cemetery

Map of RIGS in Western Cemetery


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