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Winter Programmes 1988 onwards



Martin Brasier – the evolution of man.

Hazel Prichard – platinum exploration in Shetland.

Steve Temperley – large scale tectonic processes in the Karakorum Mountains.

Arthur Fraser – the cream of Norwegian geology.

Murray Mitchell – geology and communication routes of the Southern Lake District.

Lynden Emery – life in the Lower Cretaceous Speeton Clay sea.



Julia Cousens – flint and chert in the UK

Brian Windley – the Antarctic – Tierra Del Fuego connection.

Jim Best – sedimentology of a catastrophic mudflow in southern Chile.

Michael House – environmental change and evolution.

David Kilptarick – the Holderness Coast Protection Scheme.




Simon Mitchell – controls on the distribution of belemnites in the Jurassic & Cretaceous

Maurice Tucker – Carbonate platforms and sequence stratrigraphy

Steve Temperley – the role of shear zones in the crust.

Lynden Emery – a geological journey in New Zealand (video)

Patrick Boylan – the end of uniformity? Catastrophe theories in geology – past and present.

Mike Boyd – documentation, storage and conservation of geological materials.

Beverley Halstead – the extinction of the dinosaurs.



Reg Bradshaw – the Caledonides of north central Norway

Mike Allderidge – geological aspects of oil exploration and production

Felix Whitham – the northern Chalk succession.

Tony Benfield – dynamic Iceland

David Robinson – northeast Lincolnshire from the Wolds to the Sea.



Eric Robinson - geology in the city

Steve Temperley – geology at the top of the world

Peter Scott – a geologist in the Punjab and Hindu Cush

John Pethick – Holderness and the Humber

Mick Stanley – the geology of wine (included wine tasting)

Paul Ensom – on the tracks of dinosaurs.



Geoff Wade – Information systems – a new geological horizon

Ansel Dunham – bricks ancient an modern

Jack Hardisty – the Humber Observatory

Sheila Rogers – Granites, geysers and glaciers

George Cole – inside a planet

Paul Wignall – the mother of mass extinctions



Simon Mitchell – The Lower Chalk – a tropical climate or ice age?

Martyn Pedley – a geologist in Sicily

Lynden Emery – geology and scenery of  New Zealand (video)

Ian Sutton – Volcanic activity and history in the Naples area, Sicily and the Aeolian Islands.

John Catt – East Yorkshire Glaciations – how many?



Donald Hunt – Iceland – living fire and water

Mark Piasecki – a geologist in Poland

Steve Ellis – The Humber wetlands project: preserving the past in a changing world.

Richard Edmonds – Dorset coast

Mick Stanley – Tom Sheppard – his life and work.

Mike Romano – tracking Jurassic dinosaur

Patrick Boylan – fossil human remains as sacred objects



Joint meeting with YGS – recent research in Yorkshire

Dick Ineson – The UK’s dimension stone market

C Wilson – ocean drilling and earth history – a personal perspective

Huw Griffiths – Pleistocene ostracods and the changing climate

Pete Rawson – The Lower Cretaceous of the Neuquem Basin, Argentina



Paul Taylor – the folklore of fossils

Mick Stanley – Thomas Sheppard – his life and works (part ii).

Lynn Frostick – Rivers and tectonics.

Colin Scrutton – The life and times of Palaeozoic corals.



Pat Wagner – Recent developments at Gransmoor

Simon Conway Morris – the Burgess Shale. Looking into the crucible of creation.

Martin Chambers – Analysis of a source rock – environmental, climate and stratigraphic signatures in the type Kimmeridge Clay.

Richard Myerscough and Tony Lane – Magic and mystery in the Ryedale Windy Pits

John Gunn – Restoration blasting and habitat reconstruction in limestone quarries.

Martyn Pedley – 3-D modelling of tufas in Derbyshire



Duncan Friend – Enigmatic creatures of the Burgess Shale

Ben Gearey – Palynological approaches to Holocene landscape change in Yorkshire

Martin Whyte – dinosaur trackways in Yorkshire.

Eric Robinson – out and about with geology



David Drewry – Antarctica

Ray Wallis – the Minster Way

Sheila Rogers – Languedoc

Dick Moody – human evolution

Alistair Bowden – the Dinosaur Coast

Steve Temperley – Scottish Highlands



Trevor Ford – Grand Canyon

Peter Scott – UK mineral resources

Martyn Pedley – Sicily

Huw Griffiths – Pleistocene ostracods

Paul Wignall – black shales



Ben Gearey – Palynology

Mike Elliott – Yorkshire coast

Paul Hildreth – Ingleton

David Drewry – Lake Vostok

Patrick Boylan – W S Bisat

Mark Bateman - ?



Chris Darmon – Iceland

John Rees – post glacial Humber Estuary

Nigel Whittington – Italian volcanoes

Pete Rawson – Lower Cretaceous events

Will Watts – Speeton plesiosaur



Jack Hardisty – human evolution

Barrie Heaton – geological wanderings

Paul Hildreth - Chalk

Derek Gobbett – Malaya

Jane Bunting – Quaternary wetlands ???

David Hill – oil industry



Bob Maurer – Bolivia

Terry Rockett – Sicily

Jane Bunting - Quaternary wetlands

Ben Gearey – Holocene environments

Camilla Nichol – Yorkshire Museum

Peter Scott - geodiversity



Richard Myerscough – Wolds churches

Phil Brierly – Cyprus

Martyn Pedley – Sicily

Mike Rogerson – foraminifera  ??

John Varker – geology & culture

Jenni Chambers – Ice Age

John Powell – Petra



Jane Worrell – shadows of life

Mike Rogerson – foraminifera

David Hill – fossils in the desert

Brian Sweeney – Scarborough

Derek Siveter – Silurian



Lynda Yorke – Tyne Valley

Mark Seaward – Tom Sheppard


Lynne Frostick – rising waters

Pete Rawson – Speeton Clay

Will Watts – Rotunda Museum



Martin Whyte – bivalves

Martin Brasier – Darwin’s Lost World

Peter Hoare & Rodger Connell – Pleistocene

Angela Kelham – foraminifera

Paul Hildreth – flint



Frank Cox – climate change

Paul Wignall – Permian extinctions

Roger Sutcliffe – limestone caves

Mike Horne – Felix Whitham

Mark Woods – Chalk

Stuart Jones – fossils



Tim Horsfield – Balkans’ Holocene

Martin Whyte – dinosaur eggs

Sonja Boehmer-Christiansen – climate change

Richard Lamb – man made minerals

Cath Neal – Yorkshire Wolds



Malcolm Fry – The geologist and the dinner party

David Hill – the geology of Malta

Jon Lee – Glacitectonics and moraine development in north Norfolk during the Middle Pleistocene.

Ian Heppenstall – a photographic history of glacial deposits from South Landing to Sewerby.

Mark Bateman – the ice that built the Holderness landscape.

John Knight – mining geology – resources into reserves.




Stuart Jones – Holderness erratics revisited

Patrick Boylan - The significance of Charles Darwin's month in the

High Andes, March - April 1835

Dan Parsons - Dirty dancing - fine sediment dynamics and the rock record

Arjan Reesink - Interpreting nature's barcode: from the atoms

of river deposits to the world's largest rivers

Martyn Pedley - The San Leonardo Beds of Malta and their significance in unravelling the Quaternary of the Maltese Islands




Simon Mitchell - The world of belemnites

Peter Styring - Carbon Capture

Eline van Asperen - When hippos roamed Yorkshire - People, prey and

predators in the Last Interglacial

Bill Fairburn - The physiography of the southern end of the Vale of York

Rebecca Williams - A volcanologist at sea: studying the Louisville Seamounts

Terry Rockett - Iceland Land of Rock, Fire, Ice and Water

Rodger Connell - From Wollaston and Brora to Brae. Understanding your oil field




David Bond - An abrupt catastrophe in the Middle Permian palaeo-Arctic

Ian Heppenstall - Geology between Settle and Malham

Martyn Pedley - The William Smith County Map Series

Terry Rockett - Five active volcanoes in southern Italy

Lyall Anderson - Alfred Harker's times and travels

Dean Lomax - British Dinosaurs: A Story Untold

Mark Bateman - A Winter’s Tale: When England was really frozen



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