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  Notes from Geology Adult Education Classes for the University of Hull

by Mike Horne FGS

These are the course notes for classes taught by Mike Horne for the Centre For Lifelong Learning at the University. The Centre closed in 2013. These are not classes run by the Society, but several members attended. The content is the responsibility of the author and opinions expressed are necessarily endorsed by the Society.

These notes are intended to be an aid to students intersted in the geology of East Yorkshire. They do not represent the whole of the course material; most links to external sites have been removed.

Please note - I am a bit dyslexic so the web-pages may contain some spelling errors - particularly in non-English words that the spell-check may miss!

Copyright statement-

Permission is given for single copies to be made or printed for personal, educational or non-commercial use. 
You may make multiple copies for educational or non-commercial uses if you inform me. If you would like to use any of the images or text for commerially (i.e. you are charging others for the finished product) you must obtain my written permission first; there may be a copywright fee payable.

The text used in the notes is all original work but some of the images are the work of others and I acknowledge their help.

The course notes may contain links to external sites - the content of which is beyond my control. Please respect the copyright of the owners of such sites - a link from my course notes does not imply permission for you to print or redistribute the content.

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