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Section 2 of the Society's Rules states " The objects of the Society shall be to extend knowledge of and to promote research in Geology and allied and sciences., more especially in East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire. by holding meetings for the reading of original papers and the delivery of public lectures, by Field Meetings, and by such other means as the Committee from time to time determines."

The Society was formed in 1888. The following year it was agreed that "ladies be admitted to the Society on the same terms as gentlemen". Membership is open to all; no qualifications are necessary. There may be practical and safety considerations which mean that some people may not be able to attend field meetings.

The Society became a registered Educational Charity in 1963.

As a charity we encourage the public to attend our meeting without charge and have lower annual subscriptions for the elderly, students and unwaged. We hold special meetings for beginners and the public including a special public lecture and a 'roadshow' where members volunteer to identify specimens brought in by members of the public. Our journal Humberside Geologist is free to members in printed form and is available to others on the World Wide Web. We have on occasions given grants to individuals towards the cost of research and we have a special Conservation Fund for geological conservation projects in East Yorkshire.The Society has adopted a SSSI and on behalf of English Nature we regularly visit it and keep the geological exposure clean.

We maintain links with other geological, scientific and conservation bodies locally and nationally. We are affiliated to the Geologists' Association and the Yorkshire Geological Society. Several members make an active contribution to the East Yorkshire RIGS Group. We have 'adopted' Rifle Butts SSSI at the request of English Nature and have regular visits to keep the exposure tidy.

We will try to meet requests for help from individuals and other societies and organisations. In recent years we have lead field meetings, given lectures or mounted displays for: Yorkshire Geological Society, University of Hull Science Club, British Association, Hull Festival, Yorkshire Wolds Heritage Trust, Rugby Portland Cement Works (South Ferriby) Charity Open Day, York Geology Club, North Eastern Geological Society, Leeds Geological Association, RockWatch, Yorkshire Geology Month, Hull Civic Society, Hornsea Museum, The Treasure House, ....



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