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 Secretary's Annual Report for 2020-2021

What a ghastly year it has been! The country went into lockdown just after our AGM in March 2020 and we had to cancel all our indoor meetings and roadshows. I have really missed your company and hope we return to having actual lectures and Club Nights sometime soon! At least the rocks will still be there for our fieldwork!

I have tried to create some alternative events:- Thirteen virtual Club Nights on Facebook with up to 20 members taking part in each one; a Zoom Club Night which was “attended” by six members (that didn’t really work);  and six Zoom talks which were “attended” by up to 75 members and guests. I thank John Connor, Paul Hildreth, Patrick Boylan, and David Hill for contributing to the Zoom Talks. I do appreciate that not all members can participate in our on-line activities but then not all members are able to attend our evening lectures at the University in a normal year.

We have had twelve field meetings, with numbers restricted to six or two people, including one for the 15th Yorkshire Geology Month.  I thank Mary Howard and Graham Kings for organising and co-leading three of those.

I have added several pages to the Society website. There are five new peer-reviewed papers in Humberside Geologist Online (including two by Dennis Haughey and Graham Kings about the Bisat Project) and five unfinished works by the late Derek Gobbett. To link with a project I have started at the University there are new pages about Holderness erratics, along with more archive articles from the Yorkshire Boulder Committee and the East Riding Boulder Committee.

The Committee decided to waive the annual subscription for the year for continuing members because we were not able to run our normal programme of events. On behalf of the Committee I thank the members who have sent donations towards our funds.

I thank the Committee for their help in running the Society this year; in particular Rodger Connell who is standing down as Vice President.

Mike Horne. March 2021

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