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(peer review journal of the HGS published 1893 to 1935)

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Volume 1.

Contents, title pages and Officers 1893-4; pages 1-3

List of members 1893-4; page 4

Report for the year ending April 1894; page 5

Report of the East Riding Boulder Committee 1893-4; pages 6-8

Reports of field excursions 1893; pages 8-13

Abstracts of lectures 1893; pages 13-18

Chapters in the Geological History of East Yorkshire - A Harker; pages 18-24

Ancient forrest bed under the town of Hull - W Stevenson; page 25

Volume 2

Contents and list of Officers; pages 2-3

List of members 1894-5; page 4

Report for year 1894-5; page 5

Report of the Boulder Committee 1895; pages 6-8

Reports of field excursions 1894; pages 9-15

Abstracts of lectures (various); pages 15-23

Additional notes on the Hessle Gravels - F F Walton; pages 16-18

Fossil zones of the Lower Chalk of the South Coast - H E Maddock; pages 20-23


Volume 3

Plate - St. Austin's Stone

Contents and list of Officers; pages 1-3.

List of members 1895-6; page 4

Report of meetings for the year 1895-6; page 5

Report of the East Riding Boulder Committee September 1896; pages 6-9

Report of field meetings 1895; pages 9-15

Abstracts of lectures (general); pages 15-16

The erosion of the Holderness coast - J R Boyle; pages 16-17

The Speeton Clay and some correlative beds - J W Stather; pages pages 17-24

St. Austin's Stone - E Maul Cole; pages 24-25

Bibliography [of East Yorkshire Geology] compiled by T Sheppard pages 25-27


Volume 4

Plate - Glacial Contortions near Scarborough

Contents and list of Officers ; pages 3-4

List of members; page 5

Report of the East Riding Boulder Committee 1897 ; page 5

The glacial contortion near Scalby; page 5

Excursions during 1896; pages 6-9

Winter Session 1896-7 - Lectures &c.; pages 9-11

Excursions during 1897; pages 11-17

Winter Session 1897-8 - Lectures &c.; pages -17-23

The Configuration of Holderness - Mr Paul Davis; page 23

Notes: page 23

Some open questions in East Yorkshire Geology - G W Lamplugh; pages 24-36 (republished in Humberside Geologist no. 14)

Notes on the Post-Glacial deposits of Hull and District - W H Crofts; page 36

Bibliography ... 1896-1897 - T Sheppard; pages 37-39


Volume 5

Plate - Goosehole Section, Froddingham

Contents for part I and list of Officers 1898-9; pages 1-3

List of members; page 4

Report of the East Riding Boulder Committee 1898; page 5-6

Photographic Committee Report 1899; page 6

Field Meetings during 1898; page 7-11

Winter Session 1898-9 Lectures, papers &c.:-

A buried valley in the Chalk near Flamborough Station - J W Stather; pages 11-13

The geological conditions of underground water supply - P F Kendall; pages 13-18

The Lincolnshire Lias and its fossils - F F Walton; pages 18-21

The Pioneers of Yorkshire Geology - W H Thompson; pages 22-23

Saurian remains in the Kellaways Rock, Brough, East Yorkshire - T Sheppard; pages 23-24

A ramble in Aran - W Dixon; pages 24-25

Geological evidences of evolution - J F Robinson; pages 25-26

The Goosehole section at Frodingham, Lincolnshire- W S Parrish; pages 26-27

Igneous rocks - J H Howarth; page 27

Notes - anon; page 27

Bibliography [of East Yorkshire Geology 1898] - T Sheppard; pages 27-28

Plate - Bridestones, Lockton Moor

Contents for part II and list of Officers for 1899-1900; pages un-numbered

List of members; page 28

Session 1899-1900 - record of meetings; page 29

Reported by the Boulder Committee of the Hull Geological Society 1899; pages 30-31

Field meetings during 1899; pages 31-36

Winter session 1899-1900 - lectures, papers &c.:-

The geology of Loeso, Anholt and North Jutland - A Jessen translated by P Davis; pages 37-40

Glacial observations in Skye - A Harker; page 40

The squid and the belemnite - G Ross; page 40-41

A "striated pavement" at Withernsea - T Sheppard; page 41

Terodo amphisbaena at South Ferriby - J W Stather

The formation of flint - H E Maddock

The Bridestones - J W Stather

Bibliography [of East Yorkshire Geology 1899] - T Sheppard

Plate1 - Alexandra Dock Extension, Hull.

Plate2 - Alexandra Dock Extension, Hull.

Contents for part III and list of Officers for 1900-1901

Session 1900-1901 - record of meetings

Boulder Committee's Report 1900

Field meetings during 1900

Winter session 1900-1901 - lectures, papers &c.

Notes on the Alexandra Dock Extension, Hull - W H Crofts

Some local borings - T Sheppard

Bibliography [of East Yorkshire Geology 1900] - T Sheppard


Volume 6 1901-1925


cover page

Officers 1904-5

List of members 1905

Lectures and papers read during 1901-5

Notes on the belemnites of the Speeton Clay - C G Danford

Note on the classification of the Speeton Clays - J W Stather

The formation of flint - T R Williams

The problem of the gniessic rocks - A Harker

The Drift Deposits of Kirmington and Great Limber, Lincolnshire - J W Stather

Islands in the Humber - A E Butterfield

Goodmanham Dale - J W Stather

Quartzite pebbles on the Wolds - J W Stather.

Denudation in the South Cave District - G W B Macturk

Notes on the indications of a raised beach at Hessle - W H Crofts

Humber district geological notes - T Sheppard

East Riding Boulder Committee's Reports [1901-4]

Resume of the field work done in the years 1901-4 inclusive - J F Robinson

Fossil Cephalopoda of the Holderness Drift - C Thompson

The belemnites of the Yorkshire Lias - C Thompson

The Bielsbeck Fossiliferous Beds - J W Stather

The Speeton "Shell Bed" - J W Stather

Recent geological work in the Humber District - T Sheppard

East Riding Boulder Committee's Reports [1907-9]

Notes on the field excursions 1905-9

Geological Society's awards

List of Officers

Jubilee Celebrations

The Library

List of papers read during 1905-9

List of members (1910)

A Catalogue of the Hull Geological Society's Library [not included on this website]

Early Humber geography - T Sheppard

Sections made during the excavation of the King George Dock, Hull - W H Crofts and F L Pawley

Sections near Melton, North Ferriby, Yorks. - W S Bisat

Notes on excursions 1909-1915

A new section in the Oolites and Glacial Deposits, near South Cave - J W Stather

Hull's water supply - T Sheppard

List of Officers [1910-1921]

Lectures and papers during 1910-1921

Kelsey Hill, Kirmington and other problems - G W Lamplugh

Hull Geological Society Presidents [1888-1925]

Sections exposed in a boring at Hessle, E Yorks - J W Stather

An addition to the ammonites of the Yorkshire Lias - C Thompson

Inland sections in Holderness - G W Lamplugh

List of Officers [1921-5]

Well section near Hornsea - G W Lamplugh

Belemnites from the clays exposed on the foreshore at South Ferriby, Lincolnshire - T Sheppard

New sections of the buried cliff, Holderness - C B Newton


Volume 7 1925-1935


The relations of Palaeontology to Stratigraphy - G W Lamplugh

Notes on occasional floods on the Yorkshire Wolds - G W Lamplugh

The clays on the foreshore at South Ferriby, Lincs - W C Ennis

Recent sections in the East Yorkshire Glacial Beds - T Sheppard

The Cretaceous Clays at Knapton, E Yorks - T Sheppard

Obituary [G W Lamplugh, F F Walton and J F Robinson] - T Sheppard

Notes on excursions 1925-6 - W C Ennis

Borings at Hull - T Sheppard

Lectures and papers 1925-6

The Speeton Clays and their southern equivalents - C Thompson

Zones of the Yorkshire Chalk - W C Ennis

Lectures and papers during 1927-1928

Geological work in the Humber region 1928-1931 - W C Ennis

The upper beds of the Speeton Clay - W C Ennis

Glacial and Post-Glacial sections on the Humber shore at North Ferriby - W S Bisat

Carstone and Speeton Clay [sic] at South Ferriby, Lincs. - J W Stather.

A rare Yorkshire starfish - W K Spencer

Lectures and papers during 1929-1930

Local geologicalwork by the aid of the Glynde Fund

Geological work in the Humber area 1931-1934 - W C Ennis

The variation of Echinocorys in Yorkshire - W C Ennis

Note on clay with sand balls at Hunmanby - S Melmore

Kirmington - C E N B

Boring at Hull - T Sheppard

Peat fire in Holderness - T Sheppard

Lectures and papers during 1931-1932-1933

The Kirmington Fjord - C F B Shillito

Norwegian erratics etc. -

The upper beds of the Speeton Clay - W C Ennis

Roman Querns - T Sheppard

The Speeton Clays, E Yorks. - C W and E V Wright.

Geological Notes

Yorkshire Chalk Fossils - C W and E V Wright

Recent records and rare species in East Yorkshire Chalk - C W and E V Wright

Lower Cretaceous at Nettleton, Lincs. - C W Wright

Pterodactyl remains in Yorkshire - T Sheppard

Hull Geological Society in 1897

Obituary: Percy Fry Kendall - J W Stather

Obituary: W H Crofts - T Sheppard

[erratics at the house of M Carmichael in Kirkella] - T Sheppard

Lectures and papers 1934-1935.


Note about the Hessle Till (Mike Horne 2012)

[Note -These articles have been scanned in from original printed format and then put through an OCR program by Mike Horne. The process may have introduced some new spelling errors to the texts. Some original misspellings have been corrected.]

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