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(peer review journal of the HGS published 1893 to 1935)

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Volume 1.

Contents, title pages and Officers 1893-4; pages 1-3

List of members 1893-4; page 4

Report for the year ending April 1894; page 5

Report of the East Riding Boulder Committee 1893-4; pages 6-8

Reports of field excursions 1893; pages 8-13

Abstracts of lectures 1893; pages 13-18

Chapters in the Geological History of East Yorkshire - A Harker; pages 18-24

Ancient forrest bed under the town of Hull - W Stevenson; page 25

Volume 2

Contents and list of Officers; pages 2-3

List of members 1894-5; page 4

Report for year 1894-5; page 5

Boulders noted on the Holderness coast between Withernsea and Hornsea 1895 [and other sites]; pages 6-8

Reports of field excursions 1894; pages 9-15

Abstracts of lectures (various); pages 15-23

Additional notes on the Hessle Gravels - F F Walton; pages 16-18

Fossil zones of the Lower Chalk of the South Coast - H E Maddock; pages 20-23


Volume 3

Plate - St. Austin's Stone

Contents and list of Officers; pages 1-3.

List of members 1895-6; page 4

Report of meetings for the year 1895-6; page 5

Report of the East Riding Boulder Committee September 1896; pages 6-9

Report of field meetings 1895; pages 9-15

Abstracts of lectures (general); pages 15-16

The erosion of the Holderness coast - J R Boyle; pages 16-17

The Speeton Clay and some correlative beds - J W Stather; pages pages 17-24

St. Austin's Stone - E Maul Cole; pages 24-25

Bibliography [of East Yorkshire Geology] compiled by T Sheppard pages 25-27


Volume 4

Plate - Glacial Contortions near Scarborough

Contents and list of Officers ; pages 3-4

List of members; page 5

Report of the East Riding Boulder Committee 1897 ; page 5

The glacial contortion near Scalby; page 5

Excursions during 1896; pages 6-9

Winter Session 1896-7 - Lectures &c.; pages 9-11

Excursions during 1897; pages 11-17

Winter Session 1897-8 - Lectures &c.; pages -17-23

The Configuration of Holderness - Mr Paul Davis; page 23

Notes: page 23

Some open questions in East Yorkshire Geology - G W Lamplugh; pages 24-36 (republished in Humberside Geologist no. 14)

Notes on the Post-Glacial deposits of Hull and District - W H Crofts; page 36

Bibliography ... 1896-1897 - T Sheppard; pages 37-39


Volume 5

Plate - Goosehole Section, Froddingham

Contents for part I and list of Officers 1898-9; pages 1-3

List of members; page 4

Report of the East Riding Boulder Committee 1898; page 5-6

Photographic Committee Report 1899; page 6

Field Meetings during 1898; page 7-11

Winter Session 1898-9 Lectures, papers &c.:-

A buried valley in the Chalk near Flamborough Station - J W Stather; pages 11-13

The geological conditions of underground water supply - P F Kendall; pages 13-18

The Lincolnshire Lias and its fossils - F F Walton; pages 18-21

The Pioneers of Yorkshire Geology - W H Thompson; pages 22-23

Saurian remains in the Kellaways Rock, Brough, East Yorkshire - T Sheppard; pages 23-24

A ramble in Aran - W Dixon; pages 24-25

Geological evidences of evolution - J F Robinson; pages 25-26

The Goosehole section at Frodingham, Lincolnshire- W S Parrish; pages 26-27

Igneous rocks - J H Howarth; page 27

Notes - anon; page 27

Bibliography [of East Yorkshire Geology 1898] - T Sheppard; pages 27-28

Plate - Bridestones, Lockton Moor

Contents for part II and list of Officers for 1899-1900; pages un-numbered

List of members; page 28

Session 1899-1900 - record of meetings; page 29

Reported by the Boulder Committee of the Hull Geological Society 1899; pages 30-31

Field meetings during 1899; pages 31-36

Winter session 1899-1900 - lectures, papers &c.:-

The geology of Loeso, Anholt and North Jutland - A Jessen translated by P Davis; pages 37-40

Glacial observations in Skye - A Harker; page 40

The squid and the belemnite - G Ross; page 40-41

A "striated pavement" at Withernsea - T Sheppard; page 41

Terodo amphisbaena at South Ferriby - J W Stather

The formation of flint - H E Maddock

The Bridestones - J W Stather

Bibliography [of East Yorkshire Geology 1899] - T Sheppard

Plate1 - Alexandra Dock Extension, Hull.

Plate2 - Alexandra Dock Extension, Hull.

Contents for part III and list of Officers for 1900-1901

Session 1900-1901 - record of meetings

Boulder Committee's Report 1900

Field meetings during 1900

Winter session 1900-1901 - lectures, papers &c.

Notes on the Alexandra Dock Extension, Hull - W H Crofts

Some local borings - T Sheppard

Bibliography [of East Yorkshire Geology 1900] - T Sheppard


Volume 6 1901-1925


cover page

Officers 1904-5

List of members 1905

Lectures and papers read during 1901-5

Notes on the belemnites of the Speeton Clay - C G Danford

Note on the classification of the Speeton Clays - J W Stather

The formation of flint - T R Williams

The problem of the gniessic rocks - A Harker

The Drift Deposits of Kirmington and Great Limber, Lincolnshire - J W Stather

Islands in the Humber - A E Butterfield

Goodmanham Dale - J W Stather

Quartzite pebbles on the Wolds - J W Stather.

Denudation in the South Cave District - G W B Macturk

Notes on the indications of a raised beach at Hessle - W H Crofts

Humber district geological notes - T Sheppard

East Riding Boulder Committee's Reports [1901-4]

Resume of the field work done in the years 1901-4 inclusive - J F Robinson

Fossil Cephalopoda of the Holderness Drift - C Thompson

The belemnites of the Yorkshire Lias - C Thompson

The Bielsbeck Fossiliferous Beds - J W Stather

The Speeton "Shell Bed" - J W Stather

Recent geological work in the Humber District - T Sheppard

East Riding Boulder Committee's Reports [ 1907-9]

Notes on the field excursions 1905-9

Geological Society's awards

List of Officers

Jubilee Celebrations

The Library

List of papers read during 1905-9

List of members (1910)

A Catalogue of the Hull Geological Society's Library [not included on this CD]

Early Humber geography - T Sheppard

Sections made during the excavation of the King George Dock, Hull - W H Crofts and F L Pawley

Sections near Melton, North Ferriby, Yorks. - W S Bisat

Notes on excursions 1909-1915

A new section in the Oolites and Glacial Deposits, near South Cave - J W Stather

Hull's water supply - T Sheppard

List of Officers [1910-1921]

Lectures and papers during 1910-1921

Kelsey Hill, Kirmington and other problems - G W Lamplugh

Hull Geological Society Presidents [1888-1925]

Sections exposed in a boring at Hessle, E Yorks - J W Stather

An addition to the ammonites of the Yorkshire Lias - C Thompson

Inland sections in Holderness - G W Lamplugh

List of Officers [1921-5]

Well section near Hornsea - G W Lamplugh

Belemnites from the clays exposed on the foreshore at South Ferriby, Lincolnshire - T Sheppard

New sections of the buried cliff, Holderness - C B Newton


Volume 7 1925-1935


The relations of Palaeontology to Stratigraphy - G W Lamplugh

Notes on occasional floods on the Yorkshire Wolds - G W Lamplugh

The clays on the foreshore at South Ferriby, Lincs - W C Ennis

Recent sections in the East Yorkshire Glacial Beds - T Sheppard

The Cretaceous Clays at Knapton, E Yorks - T Sheppard

Obituary [G W Lamplugh, F F Walton and J F Robinson] - T Sheppard

Notes on excursions 1925-6 - W C Ennis

Borings at Hull - T Sheppard

Lectures and papers 1925-6

The Speeton Clays and their southern equivalents - C Thompson

Zones of the Yorkshire Chalk - W C Ennis

Lectures and papers during 1927-1928

Geological work in the Humber region 1928-1931 - W C Ennis

The upper beds of the Speeton Clay - W C Ennis

Glacial and Post-Glacial sections on the Humber shore at North Ferriby - W S Bisat

Carstone and Speeton Clay [sic] at South Ferriby, Lincs. - J W Stather.

A rare Yorkshire starfish - W K Spencer

Lectures and papers during 1929-1930

Local geologicalwork by the aid of the Glynde Fund

Geological work in the Humber area 1931-1934 - W C Ennis

The variation of Echinocorys in Yorkshire - W C Ennis

Note on clay with sand balls at Hunmanby - S Melmore

Kirmington - C E N B

Boring at Hull - T Sheppard

Peat fire in Holderness - T Sheppard

Lectures and papers during 1931-1932-1933

The Kirmington Fjord - C F B Shillito

Norwegian erratics etc. -

The upper beds of the Speeton Clay - W C Ennis

Roman Querns - T Sheppard

The Speeton Clays, E Yorks. - C W and E V Wright.

Geological Notes

Yorkshire Chalk Fossils - C W and E V Wright

Recent records and rare species in East Yorkshire Chalk - C W and E V Wright

Lower Cretaceous at Nettleton, Lincs. - C W Wright

Pterodactyl remains in Yorkshire - T Sheppard

Hull Geological Society in 1897

Obituary: Percy Fry Kendall - J W Stather

Obituary: W H Crofts - T Sheppard

[erratics at the house of M Carmichael in Kirkella] - T Sheppard

Lectures and papers 1934-1935.


Note about the Hessle Till (Mike Horne 2012)

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