Humberside Geologist no 13


The Hull Geological Society decided that it would like to publish a special "Millenium Edition" of Humberside Geologist. We wanted to put an emphasis on the Society and its members to record something of the people as well as the geology they looked at. Sadly we find ourselves recording the passing away of two members who have influenced the way we look at geology locally. Mark Piasecki studied hard rocks far away from Hull but many of our members attended his classes for undergraduates or adult education and his enthusiasm and unique character made an impression on all of them. Lewis Penny contributed greatly to our understanding of the local Quaternary deposits.

We have included 3 special articles about the significance of the "Millenium" to our members, by different authors and an account of what it takes to be the Secretary of a Society like ours. A Millenium Membership List, and the abstracts of this year's joint meeting with the Yorkshire Geological Society.

We have included 3 reports about the local geology, UK RIGS, East Riding Boulder Committee and the Hull Geology Conservation Fund. 3 descriptions of field meetings, to Dimlington, Derbyshire and North Lincolnshire. Research topics include Dimlington High Cliff, Speeton and Martin Chambers has written about the Kimmeridge Clay (his research topic for his Ph.D.) which includes a valuable bibliography.

Number 13 hopefully marks another improvement in quality - with all articles compiled on computer using the same format. Authors can now submit articles electronically and their work can easily be placed on our Website. The website also allows authors to add colour photographs to articles, without the extra cost we would incur in the printed form.


Hull Geological Society

Officers and Committee for 1999-2000


President - Chris Leach

Vice-President - David Hill

Secretary - Mike Horne

Treasurer -Felix Whitham


Gordon Binns, Chris Blackhurst,

Lynden Emery, Paul Hildreth,

Wilf Whitaker and Nigel Whittington

Co-opted members:-

Richard Middleton, Richard Myerscough,

Terry Rockett and Matt Stephens

Editors :

Jim Darmody, Lynden Emery, David Hill,

Mike Horne, Wilf Whitaker and Nigel Whittington

Website Editor - Nigel Whittington