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Articles from Humberside Geologist no 16 (published online from 2019)


Beneath our feet in Welton, Melton and Wauldby - by Terry Rockett

The Bisat Project Phase I  - Sequential Photographs of the Cliffs of the Holderness Coast  (pdf 650k) -  Graham Kings [published 2020]

Churches, Lichens and Rocks field meeting 2019 - Janet Robson, Mark Seaward and Mike Horne [published 2019]

Geology and Lichens of Saint Michaelís Church - Mark Seaward and Mike Horne [published 2019]

The Hornsea Tesco Boulder - Dennis Haughey, Mike Horne and Stuart Jones [published 2020]

Organising and leading field trips - compiled by Mike Horne [published 2020]

Past Officers of the Hull Geological Society

Report of the Bisat Project 2014 to 2019 - Dennis Haughey [published 2020]

Three fieldwork scenarios - Arthur Speed, Chris Leach, Mike Horne, Philip Vixseboxse & Rodger Connell. [published 2019]

Was Rifle Butts SSSI ever a quarry and who used it? - Mike Horne [published 2020]

Articles in preparation for publication at a future date:-

Bibliography of East Yorkshire Geology 1988 to present - Mike Horne


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